Dreams of my mother
...Chansons d'une vie...
2000 ALM Records - ALCD-7058 http://www.kojimarokuon.com

Piano : Rikuya TERASHIMA


A flower

Cancion al arbol del olvide

Ich bin vob Kopf bis FuB auf Liebe eingestellt

Kono michi

Kiri to hanashita The wonderful window of eighteen spring


It was only after her mother's death that Yumi Nara noticed that her memory was inseparable from the song shi sung.
It often happens that death reminds us in a very intense way of things that had escaped our notice because they were so close at hand. It even seems to Yumi Nara that it was these simple songs that her mother wanted above all to bequeath to her. Perhaps there lay the autobiography of her mother. And yet these are not songs that a specialist of contemporary music would normally want yo sing on stage. She had always heard them in the kitchen or in public gardens, but for her they were no more than "Mummy's corny old songs". In fact, these songs, that shie was ready to forget, re-emerged before the singer un new formes. They were no longer her mother's repertory : she had them her own. Like Ariadne's thread, they would attach her to her mother.

Shuhei Hosokawa
Copyright Yumi Nara 2003 all rights reserved.