1998 Cypres - CYP1613

Piano : Claude LAVOIX


Proses Lyriques

Chansons de Bilitis

Ariettes oubliées



Debussy was particularly sensitive to the sounds of his mother tongue, only setting to music such texts as were of undoubted poetic worth.

The songs recorded on the current CD reflect the diversity of the poets who attracted Debussy, as well as the evolution and breadth of his own musical language. The range and intensity of Charles Baudelaire's poems find in the music of the young compositor a style that is still clearly Wagnerian (this was the period of his journey to Bayreuth), whereas the more relaxed and down-to-earth poems of Paul Verlaine inspired music of less outward passion and greater limpidity, music that is also more personal. The bucolics of Pierre Louys are fused with lighter, more aerial music, and for the volatile, abstract language of Stéphane Mallarmé, Debussy finds an elliptical, more mysterious tone.

This CD has received a "Choc" du Monde de la Musique".

Jeremy Drake
Copyright Yumi Nara 2003 all rights reserved