A new glance on this compositor
who invented with Brecht a new visionof the opera house
and who lived in Berlin, Paris and New York.

date pieces place with
06/10/89 recital Clermont-Ferrand, France Piano : Josetta MORATA
03/04/90 recital Paris, France Piano : Jeff COHEN
12/17/90 recital Galaxy Hall, Tokyo, Japan Piano : Jeff COHEN
12/21/90 recital Suntory Hall, Tokyo, Japan Piano : Jeff COHEN
08/17/91 recital Himeji, Japan Piano : Eiko ISONO
02/02/93 recital Cologne, Germany Piano : Monique BOUVET
12/12/01 recital COSMA, WEILL, SCHOENBERG, CAGE, Japanese Melodies Phoenix Hall, Osaka, Japan Piano : Rikuya TERASHIMA
10/09/03 Yumi NARA series No.1 Kurt WEILL "Berlin-Paris-New York"...acrossing the 2nd world war... Mozart Salon, Osaka, Japan Piano : Atsuko TANIGUCHI
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