Gabriel FAURÉ
2001 Cypres - CYP1627

Piano : Claude LAVOIX



For we still want tone
Not colour, nothing but tone!
Oh! Only tone marries
Dream to dream and flute to home

Paul Verlaine

The present recording highlights Fauré's Verlaine settings by justaposing them with some famous pieces of his early years, and also the later "Soir" (1894, the same year as "Prison"). I, these worls, popular in the Parisien salons, one can find the charm of early Fauré as well aw his unsuitability as regards Bauderaire, and one can also find his knack of sublimating certain texts (Samain) and of finding musical resources that are on a level with Sully Prudhomme's Berceuse.

Copyright Yumi Nara 2003 all rights reserved