Works of Yoritsuné Matsudaira II

1999 ALM Records - ALCD -48




Nambu Minyo I



Profoundly influenced by French music, especially thet of Debussy, Matsudaïra has allied western musical techniques with those of Japanese folk and art music.

The first volume of the Nambu folk-songs dates from 1928/30 and the second from 1938. Kokinsh (1939/40) takes its title from an anthology of "waka" poems from c. 905. Unlike the Nambu Folk-songs, the music of Kokinshû is original, though maked by gagaku, the traditional music of japanese court. In all these songs one should notice the melodic and rhythmic inventiveness and the originality of the harmony which, though clearly related to the neoclassical language current in Europe at the time, offers, from this point of view, many surprises to the ear.

Jeremy Drake
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