Claude Debussy

"Pelléas et Mélisande"

"I came to France by love from Debussy and Fauré" says Yumi.

Thispassion naturally led to the recording the CD in 1999,
very appreciated by the French public and has received a "Choc" du Monde de la Musique
date pieces place with
12/16/89 recital Tokyo Tsuda Hall, Japan Piano : Jeff COHEN
01/25/90 recital Saint-Germain-en-Laye, France Piano : Jeff COHEN
08/05/90 recital Château de Pondre, Montpellier, France Piano : Jeff COHEN
01/06/93 Claude DEBUSSY Mélodies Japonaises Takatsuki culture salon, Japan
09/17/94 concert Nice, France
10/27/94 concert Nice, France
10/25/95 "5 poèmes de BAUDERAIRE" Radio France, Paris, France
11/30/95 Claude DEBUSSY NHK FM, Tokyo, Japan
05/21/96 recital "Yumi NARA sings Claude DEBUSSY" Hamarikyu Asahi Hall, Tokyo, Japan
12/16/98 opera "Pelléas et Mérisande" Suntory Hall, Tokyo, Japon Direction : Jean FOURNET
Tokyo Symphony Orchestra
12/02/00 recital Gabriel FAURÉ, Claude DEBUSSY Yamamura Salon, Ashiya Hyogo, Japan Piano : Atsuko TANIGUCHI
06/04/01 concert d'association FAURÉ,Gabriel FAURÉ, Claude DEBUSSY Tsuda Hall, Tokyo, Japan Piano : Rikuya TERASHIMA
07/28/01 Festival Olivier MESSIAEN, recital Claude DEBUSSY, Yoritsuné MATSUDAIRA, Olivier MESSIAEN Grâves, France Piano : I. CATAEVA
11/10/01 100th anniversary of Tondabayashi High School International Convention Center, Osaka, Japan Piano : Yasushi MIYAGAWA
11/17/01 French Melodies No.1 1st Night "The meeting the music and the poem" "VERLAINE and FAURÉ, Claude DEBUSSY" Mozart Salon, Osaka, Japan Piano : Atsuko TANIGUCHI
10/15/02 concert "Tribute to Yoritsune MATSUDAIRA" Hamarikyu Hall, Tokyo, Japan Piano : Jay GOTTLIEB
Flute : Pierre-Yves ARTAUD
10/15/02 French Melodies No.3 The dream abroad, 5th Night "Yoritsune MATSUDAIRA and French music" Mozart Salon, Osaka, Japan Piano : Atsuko TANIGUCHI
10/26/02 French Melodies No.3 The dream abroad, 5th Night "Yoritsune MATSUDAIRA and France" Yoritsune MATSUDAIRA, Ravel, Claude DEBUSSY Mozart Salon, Osaka, Japan Piano : Atsuko TANIGUCHI
09/18/03 concert "Proust" Institute Kyoto Franco-Japonais in Kansai, Japan Piano : Thierry Ravassart
15/04 concert "Tribute to Yoritsuné MATSUDAIRA" Centre culture du Japon à Paris, France Ensemble Erwartung
Direction : Bernard DESGRAUPES
Copyright Yumi Nara 2004 all rights reserved.
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